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You're moving and you are ready to take everything you own and load it – but load it into what? Well, before you get that far, take a short step back and take a look at what kind of moving vans and trucks are available. There are the moving vans that you hire, where you pack and load, or a moving company that is full service. where they pack and load.

It's not all that confusing, despite the various sizes of moving vans and trucks that are available. Look at it this way, the smaller the move, the smaller the van you need. The larger the move, well, you need full scale moving company. You will be looking for the best option to fit your schedule and budget. The easiest way to know is to survey your home. Do this one room at a time and approximate how much furniture is in the room. Don't forget what is in the closets. Do the kitchen and all the cupboards as well. Make a list of things as you go. If this is rather overwhelming, it might be easier for you to call a moving company and have this service done for you. Moving companies have relocation specialists on staff who can survey your home and contents for you and let you know right away what the cost of your move is likely going to be. They've been at it for years and will know what size moving van or truck you will need for your move.

Another option for you is the pack your home and the company you will bring the van, the loading ramps, the dollies and furniture blankets. This can save you money in the long run. They are professional drivers and can handle any size move.

Help with your move can be as simple or as complete as you want it to be. If you opt for a full service moving company be prepared to pay for it. The mover will pack and unpack for you, set things up (including appliances), drive your belongings there and in general just make your move as easy as 1-2-3. If you work long hours, have young children and no time to pack, it would be worth it. By the way, if you happen to be moving for work reasons, a full service move may be fully paid for by your employer. Ask before booking a company, or simply book with your company recommended relocation specialist.

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